Flashback: A story about the kids of cards, marbles and action figures.

One night while I was in the middle of pretending to sleep in order to sleep. Well, if you get what I mean. I had that memory flashback about an event several years ago. It was during my elementary graduation day to be exact. Then I realized how crazy I was and how weird enough to abide multiple rules, laws, tradition and common things that normal people does consistently.

That night, my brain started to connect the dots. It was very rare actually, very rare, because this time I’m connecting the dots about me and not about codes, programs and if-else statements. So, from the elementary graduation day, I adjusted this imaginary time machine 7 years backward. Then I smiled silently with the inner voice saying, ‘this is something.’

By the way, I’m not sleeping anymore. I’m just staring at the ceiling while the lights were off.

Going back. So, it was during the kindergarten years. I don’t remember anymore most of the days I spent in my first year of going to school. But during this time, I can still remember few things. One is during the time a teacher was teaching me about connecting the dots to make a line in order to form a shape. The following day, I’m in a classroom together with other kids older than me. And then a teacher asked me to go in front of the class and say something about myself. Later that day they gave me this special exam which I don’t exactly remember the questions. It happened for a week. One afternoon a group of teachers talked to my parents asking them to decide whether I will attend the class of the older kids or do the normal way of going to preschool first. My father decided to make me do the normal way. To be honest, up until now, I don’t exactly understand what happened there. Though, I am smart enough that maybe my parents wanted me to grow normally.

So yes, I was already in the kindergarten. I remembered this cute small classroom where we just play, sing and recite rhyming words everyday. During this time, playing and collecting cards with superhero characters, marbles and cartoon action figures is a trend.

Here comes the second thing I mostly remember back then.

My mother doesn’t want to give me huge money allowance because I already have my lunch box. So, 5 pesos a day is enough. Actually, for me that was already a huge amount of money that time. Unfortunately, the action figure costs around 15 each and I can’t wait for 3 days just to buy one. One day, I saw a man selling candies. If you gave him 1 peso, he will give you 3 candies. The funny thing is I got this crazy idea. I went to a small store near to our house, with my 5 pesos and another 5 pesos I saved from the other day. I bought a set of (12) twelve pieces of cards with superhero characters worth 6 pesos; then (6) six pieces of marbles worth 3 pesos; then (2) two chewing gums worth 2 pesos. Well, chewing gum was already 1 peso each that time because old people think that pricing it high can prevent children buying it always. They think that it cause death because of choking. Anyway, so I went back to our house. I went to the kitchen and get (3) three pieces of small ice plastic wrappers from the cabinet. Divide the items I bought, putting 4 cards, 2 marbles and 1 chewing gum each plastic. I realized, one (1) plastic wrapper doesn’t have a chewing gum, so I better make a convincing story tomorrow.

Tomorrow came, I started selling each set of items for 5 pesos to my classmates. I told them that the cards are rare and super strong. I told them that the marbles were very strong too. And well, who doesn’t want chewing gums? haha. I told them, interesting thing like “where you can buy cards, marbles and chewing gum in a plastic for just 5 pesos?”. That made them crazy.

The another plastic, I also sold it for 5 pesos, telling my classmate that I added 4 more cards inside. Which I did, getting from my own collection of cards. I know what you’re thinking right now. Yes, I made 15 pesos that day, and another 5 pesos as my daily allowance.

I went straight to the small store near to our school during our recess time and bought my very first action figure. That was an extraordinary experience to be honest. I nearly forgot that I still have 5 pesos remaining. It was the very moment I started to realise that I can get whatever I want if I think and do a way to give people what they want. I knew you already know what will happen the following day, and the next day, and the next days.

I started to think that this scheme among kindergarten students became famous already. Well, you know it is already famous when the older brothers or sisters of your classmate were asking about it already. Then we started to have goosies because you realised that you’re actually going up to the next level of kids. haha. That was an awesome feeling.

But you also knew, that the idea was already famous when teachers already start coming in. I’m not saying that they will buy my cards or marbles (I hope so! hahaha). Unfortunately, they came in and then talked to my guardian (apparently my parents are not around that time because of work), telling them that I need to stop this, because kids are not allowed to sell things in school. Also, they told my guardian that they are receiving complains from other parents about this crazy items that their sons and daughters bought everyday, including chewing gums (oh cmon! that chewing gum myth again). I remembered also when they told my guardian that if I will not stop it, they will give me a penalty, worst is not going to school again.

Later that morning of teacher-guardian-kid conversation, I remembered when my teacher looked to my eye and says, “You know, I’m actually surprised that you did that. You’re really a smart and gifted kid.” Then she looked to my aunt. Smiles. Then looked back to me, “But this is not the right time. You can do that when you‘re tall enough”. Gesturing her hands while lifting it to describe the ‘tall enough’ she’s trying to say. Then she asked me, “You promise?”. I just nod. She asked again, “Do you promise?”. I told “Yes, I promise.”

The weird thing is that I don’t remember already what happened the rest of that year. The next thing that I knew, is I’m already at the next level.

Nevertheless, it was a joyous ride. Then you started to think why it looks like it just happened yesterday. The truth is, several years already passed, you just think it was just yesterday because you already forgot most of what happened before. It is common to us that we only save the best and worst things that happened to us. Those best and worst things are what we use to live and connect with other people; and what makes as to move, act and be an extraordinary human being in this universe.

That’s how crazy I started.

How about you, when and how do you start the day you become crazy enough to shake this world?


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