20 Ways To Be A Millionaire By 30

A week ago, I stumbled on my past powerpoint presentation while cleaning some files and organizing projects in my laptop. The presentation was for the supposed school conference for BSIT students. I wasn’t able to share it then, so maybe why not put it into a video or post it on my website.

Here’s a serious (in theory) representation of 20 Ways to be a Millionaire by 30:

I know, it’s a little sarcastic and a little offensive if hit you. So, I will put it in list.

  1. You have an idea, make it happen
  2. Be a problem solver, not a problem seeker
  3. Be patient
  4. Find a great mentor
  5. Respect and value people
  6. Self-Awareness
  7. Hustle
  8. Invest
  9. Read books
  10. Do small projects, continuously
  11. Travel
  12. Listen
  13. Share ideas and inspire people
  14. Save money and invest to your skills
  15. Exercise
  16. Network
  17. Learn to speak in public
  18. Enjoy small things in life
  19. Love your family
  20. “You will die tomorrow.”

Many of you will find these motivating, some might feel shit about it. We may have different perspective in life. We may have different shortcomings. We might started from a lucky environment. We may have the privilege in the society. We may have a healthy network we gained from our parents. But one thing is for sure. Our life is our life. If you were born poor you can blame it to your parents, but if you die poor, that’s your failure.

So, don’t get a fuck what other might think about you. Haters are not achievers. They live full of regrets. For you, just do your thing. Do not stop CREATING! Love it for yourself. One day you will get that million.


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